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Remote Linux Administrator Service
Have a Linux server. Need Administrator?
Don't have one on a payroll?

We introduce to you our brand new service REMOTE ADMINISTRATOR.
      You pay us for doing everything you want on your Linux Server...
      If for some reason we can't do what you want from us, we WILL give your money back.
  • Worried about security?
      You shouldn't be! Our administrators have signed a non-disclosure clause which prohibits discussing any information seen or learnt by them from or for the client with anyone. This way we protect our clients interests.
Currently we support three types of REMOTE ADMINISTRATOR Services:
  • One time timed job
      This service offers you our Administrator to work for you for a time limit, not more then 6 hours. And you pay 12 euro per hour.
  • One time instalation, configuration or repair
      This service offers one time installation, configuration or repair of some of the well known Linux Daemons(Servers): Apache, ProFTPD, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sendmail, Postfix, POP3, Samba and BIND for which you pay 25 euro.
  • Monthly Admin
      This service offers you monthly checking, updating and security fixing of your servers for a time limit. Every month you have 3 hours prepaid for 15 euro and if you need more work to be done every hour more is 6 euro.
  • We also can make you a custom plan. After examine what you need, which doesn't cost anything.
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